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November 7, 2021

Unleash the Kraken...of Updates!

Look’s who's back!

Now, if you think we are here to warn you of the zombie apocalypse – we are not. That is decades away from now, so we are safe. But, we do have a hoard of awesome updates to unleash.

Home Screen Carousel

First things first, you may have noticed that the home screen has received a pretty obvious update. Namely, you will notice that all the information that was previously in the bar at the top of the screen has been moved into a carousel for you to see more clearly.

We can neither confirm nor deny that we know Beyoncé.

We will be introducing new tiles and more functionality within the carousel in future updates, so for now, enjoy swiping between the tiles to check out your most up-to-date stats! If you’d like to see this in action, please view the video below.

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In-app Help

Now, speaking of the home screen, would you like to be greeted with a smiling face the next time you open the app?

It’s not Beyoncé.

But wait, what if we told you it’s a tiny smiling helper that will appear in the app when they have something that will help you with your learning experience, tailored to the screen you are on.

We knew you would like that!

Tap on your learning buddy whenever you’d like, but please remember, once you read what they have to share, they won’t come back and share that specific piece of wisdom again, so always try to put what they are sharing into practice as soon as you read their advice.

You can see how this will look in a quick video below.

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Aren't they adorable!

Stickers on Flashcard Backs

There are many different types of flashcards in the app, and we’ve received feedback that there isn’t always a clear intention behind the flashcard, so we’ve come up with some help on that front.

It’s actually on the back, but you get it, right?

When you encounter a designed flashcard that helps you learn how to pronounce in your new language, you’ll see a “Pronunciation” sticker on the back of the flashcard. Remember, for these cards, we aren’t trying to teach you the vocabulary word itself, but trying to help you learn how to speak in your new language and master that accent!

You will also see an “Ear Training” sticker for our flashcards designed to help you hear in your new language. Another sticker for “625 Words” showcases the 625 awesome word lists that we have specially curated because they are some of the most common words you will need to know in your new language.

Please check out the video below to see what to expect with these lovely stickers.

Blog Post Image

If you have ideas for future stickers you think would be beneficial - please share them on the survey included at the end of this update 😊.

Review Session Up

We’ve made a pretty big update to what flashcards appear (or rather don’t appear) during your review sessions. It is more efficient if you don't see flashcards related to each other (aka “sibling” cards) in the same review session.

In the past, you probably experienced review sessions where we showed you a picture and asked you to recall the word, and then we showed you that same word (in the same review session) and asked you where it went in a sentence or something else related to it.

Well, this isn’t an optimal learning experience, so we’ve stopped doing that, and we will purposefully delay any sibling flashcards to future review sessions.

That’s right random panda. There’s one more impact to consider – sibling flashcards also apply to words found in the same sentence.

For example, consider you are learning the word “cat” from the sentence "The cat chases the dog." We won’t show you flashcards for other words, such as "dog" in the same review session anymore either. This update is to make sure that each review session you engage in has the most significant impact it can have.

So, keep being awesome and doing your reviews every day, and pretty soon, you should notice how good it feels when you see a sibling flashcard, not in the same review session, but a future one - because you should start recalling these easier!

Word Order Flashcards

Typically you can choose to create up to five flashcards for each word you are learning (this doesn’t apply to brand new learners). One of these flashcard types is called “Word Order,” It creates a flashcard that asks you where the word goes in the sentence. We know that many people choose to omit to create this type of flashcard, so we’ve made that process a lot easier.

No, we save witchcraft only for October...and for special birthdays.

There are two ways to choose not to have the app automatically select the “Word Order” flashcard type for creation. First, you can go to your settings menu, or deselect the “Word Order” flashcard type when creating your flashcards.

Check out the video below to see this in action.

Blog Post Image

Not to worry. If you choose to have these flashcard types turned off, you can always choose to create one in the moment by simply tapping on the “Word Order” flashcard type before making your flashcards.

"Known Word" Count Changes

Has your Known Word count changed unexpectedly?

Has it caused a fair amount of shock and surprise?

Well, my lovely humans, let’s find out why. When you originally signed up and chose your fluency level initially, we made an educated guess about your CEFR level and Known Word count based on your selected fluency level.

We showed that educated guess to you in the form of your Known Word count (and associated CEFR level) being higher than zero initially (unless you were a true beginner, then it was zero).

Well, to be more accurate, we have removed that educated guess and instead rely solely on input from you to populate these numbers more accurately. For example, yesterday, let’s say that you had a Known Word count of 600 words, and today that count states 483 words. Why has this count decreased? Well, after analyzing all of your activity in the app (via review sessions and swiping cards as “known”), we have calculated an accurate count of precisely 483 words.

Now you can track your learning journey in precise measurements and see your progress as it happens. You will be able to see your Known Word count moving in real-time as it happens, and this should give you reasons to celebrate as you move forward towards your goals!

Smashed Bugs

We recently found out that if you started a review session, but left early without finishing, that we were asking you to start the review session over when you tried to pick it back up (meaning we didn’t remember the flashcards you had answered already).

Well, we are sorry about that. Now, feel free to confidently leave a review session partway through if you need to, knowing that the review session will be waiting where you left off upon your return.

Because that bug is...

So many thanks for making it through this update! Several of the updates in this release resulted from feedback from lovely humans like you, so please continue sharing your feedback on this update and anything else you’d like to see in the app via this survey.

And also, drink some water!

October 26, 2021

The Power is Yours! (Custom Flashcards Are a Go)

Welcome back, lovely humans.

The time has come for you all to receive a power-up!


You can now create flashcards for any word or phrase you want, even if we currently don’t have that word/phrase in the app.

That’s right, gif of Lionel Ritchie. We said it right. Even if we don’t have the word/phrase in the app, you can create a flashcard. Just navigate to “See it? Learn it!” (located in the “Learn tab”), search for a word or a short phrase, and then select the “Create a custom flashcard” button and make it happen!

Here is some vital knowledge for you to know – we are only supporting up to fifty characters when you input the desired translation, and this feature, as-is, is not intended to be used as an “add your own sentence” tool.

Now, check out the video below to see the process in action! Also, if you have feedback related to this feature, please consider sharing it with us via a brief survey located here.

Let’s talk about Corrections

We want you to know that your feedback on errors you see in the app doesn’t go unnoticed, and we are hard at work addressing them. We finished reported errors for August of this year, and we are moving on to the next.

FYI - You can report a suspected error for a flashcard while you are engaged in a Review session by clicking on the menu (while on the back of a flashcard) and tapping the “Report Error” option.

Smashed Bugs

In our last release, we added a new tile to the home screen (for Beginner and Intermediate users) that keeps track of your pronunciation progress. Well, we found that a minor bug snuck in, resulting in the progress on the tile not constantly updating when you returned to your home screen - so with this release, we’ve fixed that so the progress reflected is always accurate and up-to-date, no matter what!

So, consider that bug...

That's it for now! Make sure to drink some water!

October 5, 2021

The Power of the Progress Bar!

Welcome back, lovely users!

We are here with breaking news on our newest update, but it is mainly for our beginner and intermediate users. Advance learners, the force is already strong with you, so you can sit this one out.

Now, for the rest of you who are still training your ears to hear in your new language (Step 1 of the 4 step method), it's time to suit up, but first, we have a quick reminder from Gabe’s book on why this is the very first step:

The better you internalize good pronunciation habits in the beginning, the less time you’ll waste hunting down broken words. If you can build a gut instinct about pronunciation, then every new word you read will automatically find its way into your ears and your mouth, and every word you hear will bolster your reading comprehension. You’ll understand more, you’ll learn faster, and you’ll spare yourself the hunt for broken words. Along the way, you’ll have an easier time memorizing, you’ll make better impressions upon native speakers, and you’ll speak more confidently when you’re ready.

But, we know that learning a new language can feel overwhelming, especially when you are starting.

So, we’ve decided to put your first big milestone front and center for you on the home screen with the help of a new tile!

The Progress Bar is Waiting for You

Beginners will see a progress bar on this tile called “Basics of Spelling.” You’ll create A LOT of flashcards throughout mastering pronunciation that will teach you the spelling and pronunciation system in your language. Mastering this system will allow you to learn faster and retain more information from every vocabulary and grammar flashcard you see in the future.

Every time you complete a “Basics of Spelling” lesson, the progress bar will increase. If you finish your daily tasks on the home screen each day, you can expect to fill this bar within about a month!

Intermediate learners, on this new tile, you will also see a bar for “Ear Training” - flashcards that will help train your ears to hear the nuances in the language that don’t come naturally to English speakers. Training your ears is so important, and it’s the reason why you will be more efficient at mastering your new language in the long run because once you can hear in your new language, everything else is tremendously easier!

So, be daring and bold! Engage in your pronunciation lessons and grow these progress bars!

When you fill them all up, which you will, feel a sense of accomplishment! Those completed bars will show that you built a solid foundation on top of which the rest of your language acquisition will grow!

Lastly, for our seasoned pros that completed all your pronunciation lessons, we know you might have felt left out for this post, but you should take this time to celebrate all the work you have done because we are celebrating your progress also!

September 20, 2021

Makeover Time!

Hello lovely humans!

We know it's been a while since our last blog post, but that's for a good reason. We have been hard at work on some things that you may have noticed.

Fluent Forever has a new look!

Fancy Update

If you haven't noticed yet (we won't hold it against you), the app looks a bit fancier now. Button colors, font colors, icons, spacing, sizing, etc., have all been given a refresh.

You might ask, "Why change up the look?"

Well, change is always happening, and that's a good thing as long as you remember who you are. So, you can continue to count on us to teach you superb language skills while you can see and navigate the app much easier now.

Consider this the first step in bringing you a more pleasant app experience!

But wait...

We got a secret. Can we trust you? Duh, of course, we can.

The home screen will be getting some love soon!

That's it for now! Continue to be amazing, and make sure to drink some water.

August 18, 2021

Move over Banksy!

Hello again, lovely language learners!

Do you want to know why the Fluent Forever Method is so compelling?

Of course, you do!

Well, it is because of the emphasis on personal connections.

As Gabe points out in his book, “You will remember a concept with a personal connection 50 percent more easily than a concept without one.”

So, we are always thinking of ways to allow YOU to make your flashcards more reflective of your awesomeness! With that, we specifically designed a new feature to help do that.

Can we get a drum, please?

This new feature is...

🎉Draw a Picture!🎉

When you create a new flashcard, click on the plus (+) icon on the image selection screen, choose the “Draw a picture” option, and unleash your inner Banksy!

When comparing computer-based Spaced Repetition Systems to physical versions in his book, Gabe points out:

Even if you use physical flashcards, and even if you’re a terrible artist, you should be drawing pictures for every word you encounter. Your visual memory is too helpful to ignore, and as long as you can tell your act stick figure from your dog stick figure, you’ll still reap the benefits.
When you use physical flashcards, you benefit from an involved, hands-on arts and crafts experience with each of your cards. This is a wonderful learning experience that will make your cards much easier to remember, and you lose this experience when you move to a computer.

Also from Gabe:

...but not anymore, now you can have the best of both worlds - the ease of the Fluent Forever app coupled with the ease of drawing something that is 100% personalized since you created it! If you are a terrible artist, we’d recommend trying out a combo approach for any words that you really want to ingrain in your head: select an image as you usually would, and then, in addition, draw your own interpretation. While you’re doing that, keep the target word (not the translation) in mind or say it out loud as long as you’re drawing. That should help the words stick even better.

Do you have to do it every single time? Nope - just try it out and see how well it works for you. Some folks may find that drawing slows them down more than it helps. But...for the majority of people, this should be a truly helpful tool. Enjoy it!

Yup, that was three Gabe quotes just for y'all!

More News!

A few updates ago (on June 18, 2021), we shared the new feature that allows you to add more words from a flashcard during your review session.

Well, if you engage in this and happen to create enough flashcards that you meet another one of your tasks for the day – firstly, you’re fantastic, and secondly, now we’ve made it even easier (one tap, easy) to pick back up where you left off in your review session.

So, during a review session, if you see more exciting words in a sentence, don’t hesitate to hit the overflow menu (...) and select “Add more from this sentence.”

That's it for now, but we will be back soon. In the meantime, make sure to drink some water and take care of yourselves.