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June 30, 2021

🎉More Improvements Coming Your Way🎉

Well, well, look’s whose back for another rundown of new features from Fluent Forever.

Aww, you must like us!

That feeling is mutual, you lovely language learners.

New Feature

We heard that some of you are not morning folks, and getting a particular alert every day at 10 am is not fun.

We are going to fix that for you. You will now have the ability to choose what time of the day you’d like us to send you a reminder to open up the app and start that learning magic✨.

Are we teaching you language and time management skills all at the same time?

Are we that big of nerds?


Now, to put this new feature/skill to use, you are going to head to “Settings” and then go to the Push Notifications section under “Preferences,” and you’ll only hear from us when you want to 😉.

Smashed Bugs

A couple of weeks ago, we told you that we are always looking for bugs to smash here at Fluent Forever, and we found another one.

If you are studying a language that uses “Readings” and chose to turn them off (via Settings) in the past, but that choice didn’t always stick, well, guess what?

That's it for now! Keep being awesome, and make sure to drink some water✨.