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May 18, 2021

Dutch has arrived!

New Features:

  • Dutch is now out!!
    Check it out by tapping on the Settings page. Select "Change Language" and choose Dutch. Rest assured that all data and progress in any other language(s) you are studying will not be lost, and you can easily switch back to the language of your choice at any time.
  • Alert if your daily review session won't be that great:
    Reviewing less than ten cards isn't the best learning experience, so if your scheduled daily review session will have less than ten flashcards in it, we'll let you know about this and encourage you to create more flashcards first.

What's coming next:

  • Task flow improvements:
    Not sure if you've finished a daily task? Want to easily get back home after you finish a task so you can start on your next one? We've got all that covered in an upcoming release!

Language Progress:

  • Interested in the finer details of how our work on other languages is coming along? Click here to check that out.