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July 28, 2021

1.0.42 Update

Well, hello you!

We see you are back for another round of what’s new with Fluent Forever. Young language learners, let’s begin.

New features

We’ve made it quicker to pull up a translation during a review session by using…

Just kidding!

Simply “long press” (push and hold your finger on the screen), and the translation will now instantly appear for you.

It’s important to note that if you are reviewing a sentence flashcard, the vocab word you are learning in that sentence will be highlighted in the translation. As Gabe points out in his book:

Translations are hard to memorize, and they aren’t great at giving you the whole picture – but they do a fine job of giving you the gist of an unfamiliar sentence. A simple translation can teach you the basic idea behind a sentence, even if it doesn’t provide all of the magic, music, and mystery of each of its words.

Smashed bugs

Previously, if you wanted to reset your data and delete all your progress for the language you are learning, the modal would close unexpectedly if you tapped the “Reset All Data” button or didn’t hold it for the entire three seconds.

Well, you know what? We found that bug and took care of itbecause we are dedicated bug finders.

But what if you change your mind before the three-second hold takes effect?

In that case, the modal will remain, and you can stare at it again before deciding to commit to this unrecoverable act.

(No offense, Spidey.)

That’s it for now. Stay awesome, everyone!