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June 16, 2021

1.0.40 Update

Well, hello there, faithful users! Welcome to a new edition of what’s happening in the fantastic world of Fluent Forever.

Time to buckle up!

New features

Streamlining daily tasks

We listened to you, and now navigating between your daily tasks is about to get a whole lot easier!

Let’s say you complete a task or even part of a task, like finishing a Basics of Spelling task within a Pronunciation lesson. You will get an alert that will allow you to do two things:

  • Quickly go back to the home screen to start your next task.
  • Continue with what you were doing (finishing the Pronunciation lesson, for example).

With this, you get to stay focused on the task at hand without having to guess when you have completed it. Virtual high-five!

Check it out in the app now!

Advanced image search

An essential part of “The Method” is personalizing the images you select for your flashcards. So, you might wonder how we could make this more awesome. Well, allow us to pop that “wonder” balloon for you.

We’ve now made it easier for you to engage in the advanced image search (when the first seven image results are a big blah). When you click on the “Find More” option when choosing images for your flashcards, then toggle between English and your target language, the app will automatically search the translation of the word instead of requiring you to type it in.

Say goodbye to the big blah.

This feature works for all of the 625 words (not the sentences, however), pronunciation flashcards made during the Basics of Spelling lessons, and words created via “See it? Learn it!” (as long as we have the translation available).

Want to see the fun search results between your target language and English? Check it out in the app! You know you want to.

As Gabe mentions in his book...

Images come from websites in your target language, and so they can tell you precisely how a word is used. The Russian word “devushka” means “girl.” Simple enough, right?


Searching in your target language will tell you a much more nuanced (and weird) story. Nearly every “devushka” [in Russian] is a close-up chest shot of an 18-year-old girl in a bikini. You look at this, and you think, “Hm!”

And this “Hm!” is exactly what we’re after. It’s the moment you realize that Russian words aren’t just funny-sounding English words. They’re “Russian” words, and Russian words wear less clothing than you might expect (especially given the cold climate).

These “Hm!” moments get seared into your brain because they’re interesting. So, while you might be a bit disturbed by the sexual overtones in “devushka,” you’ll certainly remember them.

When you research a word [in your target language], you’re playing a “Spot the Differences” game. You’re looking for the difference between what you expect to see and what you actually see.

That game is a lot of fun; the Internet is full of weird, funny pictures in all sorts of languages. What does a German grandmother look like? What’s a Hindi cake? Take ten to 20 seconds to play (and then move on to the next word – before you get sucked in for an hour!)

Add more words from a sentence to your deck

Have you ever reviewed a flashcard and thought, “Wow, I’d also like to learn this other word from this sentence?” Well, we are so glad you did!

Now, during review sessions, you can easily create more flashcards for words that appear in sentences that you fancy. Click on the three dots (...) menu and select the new option “Add more from this sentence.” You will be prompted to pick which word you’d like to create new flashcards for, and then be able to create those flashcards immediately...like magic.

After you are done, you will be taken right back to your review session so you can pick up where you left off...like double magic.

Smashed bugs

It’s summer, and that means bugs...except here at Fluent Forever. That’s because we are always on the lookout for them, and we caught and smashed a noteworthy one for this release.

This time around, the bug was related to the Ear Training tasks in the Pronunciation lessons. Previously, the last pair of sounds would play a second time after the cards were added to your deck. That won’t occur anymore.

Big smash!

Language progress

Do you want to stay in the loop on how our work on other languages is coming along? Simply click here to check things out.

That’s it for now. We appreciate you all. Stay awesome!