Easier Than ‘Where’s Waldo’

An updated Fluent Forever app will be available in the Apple and Google Play app stores on 5 August 2019.

In preparation for this update, we will have maintenance downtime from 0200-0600 CT on 5 August 2019. We will then publish the app in both app stores — it will be out of our hands as to exactly when the update becomes available for you, while the App Stores ensure you are able to access the latest and greatest.

If you cannot find it in your country’s app store, please check back frequently.

‘Where’s Waldo’ is hard and frustrating at times. The newest feature to the Fluent Forever app is so much easier to use to find the words and sentences YOU want to learn.

This new version brings you an updated bottom navigation bar to give you access to the newest feature: EXPLORE

You are now able to search for words in English or in the language you are learning to find sentences that use a specific word. You can comb through all of our sentences and create flashcards for whichever ones that best fit your language learning desires.

Here are a few screenshots for a glimpse into what you will experience:

We also fixed two major bugs:

  1. Audio stops working randomly — SMASHED!
  2. Words are in the wrong order on the backside of certain types of flashcards — SMASHED!


The next version will be a little smaller as it brings mostly corrections to language content and a way for you to give us feedback to help make the app better.

The smaller version will allow us to finish some work around review sessions. We are revamping our review sessions so they do not cause problems, like blank screens, repeating sessions of the same cards, crashing, etc.