What’s Coming Up Next?

Well, let’s take a look into the near future:

V84: Our next build! (currently in testing)

– Better user guidance for videos (explains how to re-watch them)
– New, clearer “How’s your Spanish? How about your Pronunciation” onboarding screens
– FIX FOR THE STUPID SCHEDULING BUG (finally!): Up till now, when you make 10 flashcards for a sentence, your next review session has all 10 of those flashcards in a row, which makes for a painfully stupid review session:

The ___ chased the cat!  [Um…..Dog!]
The dog ___ the cat! [You just showed me that. It’s “chased”]
What’s a “Dog”? […seriously?]
What’s “CHASED”? [Ok stop]
What’s “TO CHASE”? [Throws phone out window]

This gets a little better once you have enough old cards to space the questions out but it’s still annoying even then. This has been a particularly difficult bug to solve but V84 will finally fix this.


– Final Italian sentences all added
– A bunch of Russian content
– New app icon, new colors/icons/look for app
– Some scattered language corrections, and…..
– Daily Goals!!! The app will tell you what to do each day and stop being confusing. (see attached image #1)


– New content for Korean and Portuguese
– Gender will be shown during flashcard creation!
– We fix the ‘you have to uninstall and reinstall whenever we update or else your app explodes’
– When you complete one of your daily goals, you get a screen telling you that.
– App store corrections (We’re beginning to get feedback from Apple & Google Play and will have a laundry list of things we need to fix in order to make them happy, so this is a placeholder for assorted items from those lists)


– More App store corrections
– Add ‘Change Image’ edit flow: Now, when you choose an image you don’t like or the image you chose originally doesn’t exist on the internet anymore, you’ll be able to fix it.
– 2 week trial: allows newcomers to try the app for 2 weeks before subscribing.