We’ve made it…

It’s finally here! Thanks to your support from the very beginning, we’re thrilled to announce that our beta period is over. The Fluent Forever app is now available in the Apple and Google Play app stores!

We really appreciate all of your feedback over the past months. We acknowledge that not all suggested features have yet made it into the app and some things are a little rough around the edges. We promise you that we are working hard to continue to bring out improvements and updates on a frequent basis.

Please make sure you delete the beta app from your phone (it is no longer supported and you will no longer be able to use it) and install the new app from the app stores (you will then need to log in to your account):

If you cannot find it in your country’s app store, please check back frequently.

For our beloved backers,

Note: Your subscription period will not yet begin and, for now, you will continue to enjoy access to all the languages we offer! We’ll let you know in advance before we start asking single language folks to choose their target language and begin using subscription time.

So, what have we been doing lately? Here is a short summary of the things you may notice:

  • New onboarding and login screens/buttons.
  • 2-week trial for new users to check out the app without needing to buy a subscription — tell your friends, family, and coworkers all about the Fluent Forever app and NOW they can use it for FREE! FREE! FREE!
  • The Base Vocab tab (formerly known as Simple Words tab) will now re-appear after being removed if we add more 625 words. For those of you that learned all the words for a beta language but removed the tab before we added more words, you can now access them — this also applies for future updates to languages as well.
  • Minimal pair card reviews are fixed. Yep! They are no longer predictable. You will NOT be given the sounds in order (first sound and then second sound). They will be mixed up and you will definitely be challenged by them now.
  • Minimal pair cards have bigger boxes for the content and are easier to click
  • Language corrections and updates — a special thank you to those that provide feedback on this. We are able to catch those little things that somehow slip by us and help make the content that much better for all learners.
  • Lots of UI tweaks – things like light borders around images and flags, corrected text size, changes to tooltips, and much more (these are little tweaks; so, don’t expect anything major with these).
  • UI fixes to make the app look better on the iPhone X series

Also, with our release, we bring new features to our web portal:

  • You can update your billing address and add/change your billing method.
  • For our retail folks, soon after our release, you will be able to upgrade or cancel your plan yourself via the web portal.

That’s all for now. We hope you enjoy the app, and please continue to provide us with your feedback as we continue to improve upon it.