Updates are Coming

A new version of the app is available for download starting Tuesday, December 4 at 7am CT.  It fixes a few of those pesky bugs that keep you from enjoying all we have to offer.

Below are the fixes that you will see first-hand:

  1. Daily video limit has been removed (binge watch all the videos your heart desires).
  2. Flashcards won’t allow you to select the same image (this way you can set unique images for each and every word to make your learning experience 100% personalized).
  3. Alphabet cards now play the correct audio
  4. The app will no longer freeze when forgetting to select an image for pronunciation cards
  5. Portuguese-Brazilian flag updated to the correct one
  6. The app will no longer freeze with words that have silent consonants.

For the app release, we will have a maintenance window for updates between 5-7am CT.  App updates will be pushed during this time and the app may not be responsive.

Now, for those that are interested in keeping up on the development of our languages, you can now check out our Language Content Development board.  It will be updated as we make progress, decide on the next language to develop, and set timelines for languages.