The Next Big Thing

Oh, all-powerful Magic 8-ball, can I have an update on the Fluent Forever app?





Well, you can’t argue with the Magic 8-ball.

Our language content development is in overdrive.  As you saw before, a taste of Italian will be released next week.  Ok, well, you already knew that.

We have a BIG release coming in late October.  This one will include A LOT.  Here is a preview of what you will experience:

  • The ability to log into your account
  • The ability to save your flashcards – some data wiping may be needed in the future, but you’ll be able to at least start saving those flashcards you really want to learn
  • A transition from ‘creating’ to ‘learning’ across the entire app – you’ll see…you’ll think it’s much better too
  • Improved display for pronunciation trainer videos
  • Streamlined onboarding – fewer buttons to get started in the app
  • Improved tooltips to help you navigate the app
  • A walkthrough guide to the Fluent Forever way
  • Improvements to how longer sentences are displayed
  • Scrolling for flashcards that have multiple images
  • Improvements to the advanced search function for images (looking for images outside of the ones we initially provide)
  • Refined algorithm for the way flashcards are presented to you in your review session
  • Updated preview screen on the flashcards when you are creating them – able to see what flashcards will look like in your review session before you create them
  • For those of you that get through our 625 words quickly, you will now have access to an extended list of frequently used words for that language
  • New flashcards with multiple images or concepts – sometimes one word has multiple, different meanings and you need to learn them all

So, that’s a look into the future thanks to the Magic 8-ball.  Who knows, maybe there are things coming sooner to you that the Magic 8-ball just can’t see…