New Build Release Coming Soon

It’s that time again for fun new updates to the app.  We have updated a lot this time around, and here are just a few of the new features you will get to see and experience:

– French is here!  We’ve added a little preview to another language. YAY!

– There are new videos for Spanish-MX (Latin America) and French to help with pronunciation.

– We’ve made ‘tappable’ items easier to see and use.  I knew my hand-eye coordination wasn’t that bad…

– Audio and image files load faster.  No more waiting in line!

– Want more than one image associated with a word?  You got it! You can now select up to four (4), yep four, images for each word.

– New flashcard types have been added.  Can you find them?

Hopefully, you all will enjoy the updates.

Don’t forget: another update on the app is coming later this week.  It won’t be a big update, but it will give you a better idea of what we are working on and where we are headed.