Change is in the air

A new version of the app is available for download starting at 8am CT on Tuesday, December 18.

What does this version include:

  • A new language – Russian! You now have access to 50 words and 150 sentences in addition to videos and pronunciation and ear trainers.
  • French is complete: you now have access to over 600 words and more than 1800 sentences. The old sentences have been proofread and updated (hopefully, we caught the errors that slipped through the first time).
  • For future versions (after this upgrade), we will prompt you when it is time to upgrade your app to the latest and greatest.

This version is part of a mandatory upgradeYou WILL HAVE to upgrade.

If you don’t, you will see:  This account is no longer valid.

If you see this notice, note that there is nothing wrong with your account. You just need to upgrade to the newest version of the app.

In addition, we will have some downtime for our servers to be upgraded between 5-7am CT on Tuesday, December 18. During this time, the app will not work.  No need to be alarmed – we are aware of this.