August 30, 2018

Hi all! It’s been a couple o weeks, and it’s time for an update!

What we’re working on this week:

  • We’ve received a new build from Mokriya last night, and we’re in the process of testing it for bugs.┬áThe new build is a pretty substantial update and it’s the one we’re aiming to release to you once it’s been bugfixed.
    • We’ve redesigned our whole flashcard visualization system, so that we don’t get weird display issues on taller devices and things like that.
    • The current build includes 50 French words, though we’re seeing some sentence entry errors in those. Fingers remain crossed for French coming into our next beta, but signs are looking decently good so far.
    • We’re creating much more complex flashcards now, with multiple backs (i.e., if you create flashcards for ‘bar’ for chocolate bar and ‘bar’ for ‘place to get drinks’ then you will see one flashcard for ‘bar’ that contains both definitions/contexts)
    • We’re not 100% complete with our Spanish content, so it’s currently looking less likely that we’ll include a ton more Spanish stuff in this next release.
  • On the design side, we’re working on the Explore screen, Tooltips+Onboarding, and a significant overhaul of the ‘Create’ screen. These won’t be in the coming release but will show up shortly thereafter. Some early pics (click to load big zoomable versions):
    • Explore (for finding new stuff to learn):
    • Tooltips (for figuring out how the app actually works):
    • Create screen overhaul (Changing ‘Create’ to ‘Learn’ and making four sections under that tab: Learn Pronunciation, Learn Simple Words, Learn Grammar, Learn My Sentences. This makes the app line up more clearly with the FF method’s four steps.)
  • On the Content Creation side, we’re redesigning our workflows so that we catch more errors sooner and waste less time in the proofreading stage. One of the results of that process is that we’re going to do 50 words across a LOT of languages as early as we possibly can, so that we can add that stuff into the app betas earlier and diagnose issues earlier, rather than waiting for a language to be fully complete before bringing it into the beta builds. That means y’all will get earlier access to beta builds of a lot of our languages than I initially thought. More news on this front in a later update.
  • On the Project Management side, our new PM is doing a fabulous job of building documentation for everything and understanding every facet of the project. There’s still a lot of work to do until we can build our giant prioritized feature list (from which we can start projecting near-term dates and things), but we’re definitely making a lot of progress in that direction. More on this in a later update as well.

That’s all for today! No dates yet; at least until we really get this prioritized feature list thing working well, I’d rather surprise y’all with an unexpected update than guess a date and miss it for the next beta.