App Update

We’ve started an overhaul of our current processes within Fluent Forever.   We are trying to make things easy for us and YOU.

So, what does this very vague intro mean for you?

Let me tell you briefly about what we are bringing to you soon:

  • New method for submitting ideas: we want to hear your ideas for new features and recommended changes to what we already have within the app.
  • New processes for handling those pesky device-related app issues – allowing our Customer Happiness Team to get you back to using the app faster!
  • More languages and videos coming to the app – for those of you that missed it, we posted our new language schedule last week.
  • Another app release is coming late in Sep with Italian – yep, we were able to get this taste of Italian together faster than we thought.
  • Our tester is unavailable for a bit; so, the following app release in Oct will include lots of new things to experience within the app (another update to come next week on this).

Lastly, what does soon mean?  For the new idea submission and improved handling of device-related app issues, you’ll be able to experience these before the close of September.