It’s all About German and Levels

An updated Fluent Forever app will be available in the Apple and Google Play app stores on 25 June 2019.

In preparation for this update, we will have maintenance downtime from 0200-0600 CT on 25 June 2019. We will then publish the app in both app stores — it will be out of our hands as to exactly when the update becomes available for you, while the App Stores ensure you are able to access the latest and greatest.

If you cannot find it in your country’s app store, please check back frequently.

This update will bring you the full release of German and many updates to the existing sentences in the app for German.

If you find any recommended changes, please let us know!  We are always looking to keep our content accurate and provide the best content for users like you.


We have overhauled the pronunciation tab to provide better structure to a major part of the app that lacked guidance.

We have shortened some of the videos so you are able to focus on learning language rules when you have less than a minute available.

We restructured the tab so that pronunciation and ear trainer lessons are within levels. There are also some tips to help understand the method within each level.

Most levels can be accomplished with just 5 minutes of your day. Later levels may require a little more or less depending on the language.

Language expansions to Portuguese and Korean will be released soon. In addition, another major release of Russian content will follow thereafter.