A Small but Much-Needed Update

An updated Fluent Forever app will be available in the Apple and Google Play app stores on 8 July 2019.

In preparation for this update, we will have maintenance downtime from 0200-0600 CT on 8 July 2019. We will then publish the app in both app stores — it will be out of our hands as to exactly when the update becomes available for you, while the App Stores ensure you are able to access the latest and greatest.

If you cannot find it in your country’s app store, please check back frequently.

This update brought more changes behind the scenes than it did to the front. As such, this will be a rather short one.

We upgraded some much-needed platforms to support new features and requirements.

We corrected some of the Daily Goals so that you don’t have to complete a bunch of things to accomplish the day’s goal, especially when some of those things weren’t available until a later level (oops!).

Related to Daily Goals, we separated the tasks for today from the bonus tasks.  Now, it is all very clear as far as what is needed for today and what is a bonus.

Here is a screenshot of the separated tasks:


Language expansions to Portuguese and Korean and the final Russian bits will be available with the next version release.

For those of you familiar with our Most Awesome Word List, we will be bringing you a nice twist on a combination of the app + Most Awesome Word List in the next version release…