Another Makeover

An updated Fluent Forever app will be available on 30 March 2020.

We will publish the app in both app stores the morning of 30 March 2020 — it will be out of our hands as to exactly when the update becomes available for you, while the App Stores ensure you are able to access the latest and greatest.

Our flashcards and the home screen have received another makeover. Here is what this version brings and how things have changes:

Related to flashcards and review sessions:

  • Bigger text size and images on flashcards
  • Reduced header size to allow for bigger flashcards
  • Option to hide the quick answer buttons during review sessions

For those of you using the old review system, we have defaulted everyone to the new review system. With these changes, the text and images should be bigger now than they were on the old review system. We will be removing the option to use the old review system with the release following this one.

Home Screen Changes

  • New tutorial modals to help understand the app home screen better
  • ALL-NEW progress stats bar
  • Known words count
  • Estimated CEFR level
  • Words needed to reach next CEFR level
  • Explanations about new progress stats by tapping on them on the home screen

Other Changes

  • Pronunciation trainers (aka Basics of Spelling lessons) now have mini-review sessions in them. If you don’t care to do them, simply go to the Settings page and turn them off.

Here is a preview of the home screen changes:


Some things that will be coming out for your enjoyment (over the first half of this year) as we work towards getting them ready for you:

  • Pronunciation trainer improvements
  • Trial changes
  • Language corrections
  • More Korean words/sentences added
  • Add your own word
  • Delete flashcards